Welcome to Nagano, Japan

Nagano Prefecture is blessed with clean air, water, and a sprawling natural environment. It has been called the "Switzerland of the East."

High-tech companies in the manufacturing and assembly industry are concentrated here.

Being located right in the center of Japan provides Nagano easy access by Shinkansen from Tokyo (80 min), and it is also close to Nagoya and Osaka.

It is also known for the beautiful Japanese Alps and many ski resorts, including Hakuba Village— the host of the 1998 Winter Olympics.

This rural prefecture has been gaining interest nationally as a destination for remote work and workations, which have been accelerating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nagano’s promises
  1. We will take care of consultations with companies wishing to enter the market.
  2. We will work with various organizations to provide ideal land to companies wishing to establish premises in Nagano.
  3. We will support companies meeting the requirements by utilizing preferential business incentives.



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