Welcome to Nagano

04Diligent and abundant human resources

  • The job placement rate is high among both men and women.
  • There are high local area employment rates, and a low turnover rate.
  • A high-quality labor force is available among the inherently diligent and focused people of Nagano.
  • Nagano also features numerous educational institutions that produce a diverse set of professionals and help cultivate engineers and other talent with global perspectives.

Businesses can expect to find talented professionals within Nagano Prefecture. Nagano will make possible the stable expansion of your business by providing a suitable site to train professionals over the long term.

Job placement rate

68.0% of men
1st in Japan
50.6% of women
2nd in Japan

Local area job placement rate

Job placement rate of high school graduates inside their prefecture90.1%
8th in Japan

Low turnover rate

13.7% prefecture-wide turnover rate
Ranked as low as 13th in Japan

2019 Survey of Employment Trends, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Balanced work and family life

32.8% dual-income household rate
5th in Japan

Statistical Observation of Prefectures 2021

School lunch rate for public elementary schools

Survey on School Lunch Conditions 2018

Honest prefectural people

Stop rate at roads with a crosswalk with no light72.4%
Japan average 21.3%1st in Japan

Educational institutions in Nagano produce a variety of professionals

There is a broad range of fields of study in Nagano. Learning is closely connected to the region, and business sites to provide strong support for job placement.

junior colleges
technical college
vocational schools

*Beginning April 2021.

We fully support businesses in their recruiting efforts

Project to communicate the advantages of working in Nagano

The prefecture promotes job placement in Nagano by deepening the understanding of students moving on to employment both inside and outside of the prefecture by communicating the advantages of working in businesses here and by creating networking opportunities to both help businesses secure outstanding personnel to take on the industry in Nagano to revitalize the region.

Shinshu Industry-Academia-Government Partnership Initiative

Nagano Prefecture carries out initiatives through industry-academia-government partnerships. It closely cooperates with the career staff in universities and junior colleges in Nagano to match students with internships in Nagano businesses.

(2019 performance)
Job placement relocating people from urban to rural areas; Support for relocation and business start-ups

For people relocating from the Tokyo area, Aichi prefecture, and Osaka prefecture, there is a relocation grant system managed jointly between the prefecture and municipalities providing a grant with a maximum of 1 million yen to help with moving costs for those employed through the job-matching site started and operated by the prefecture.