Welcome to Nagano

02Home to many high-tech companies

  • Nagano is home to a concentration of assembly-industry businesses with expertise in precision machining and electronics.
  • Nagano is among the top class of prefectures in terms of the number of private research institutes.
  • Nagano promotes the concentration of businesses aiming to create the next generation of industry in healthcare, food, energy and environmental science, next-gen transport, and ICT.

Collaborative research and development and part procurement are also possible.
It is an optimum business hub to realize your firm’s future and harness your latent potential.

There is a concentration of business with strong technical capabilities.

There are numerous companies concentrated here, with a strong core of assembly-based industries specializing in precision machining and electronics.

Industries in Nagano prefecture, ‘2019 Industrial Statistic Survey (businesses with 4 or more employees)’

Leading Japanese products are created right here in Nagano. Industries with cutting-edge technology, such as electrical machines and general machinery, have gathered here.

  • 22.839billion yen

    Microscopes/magnifying glass shipment amountNo. 1 in Japan

  • 2.929billion yen

    Guitars (including electric guitars) shipment amountNo. 1 in Japan

  • 1.593billion yen

    Snow skiing, water skiing,
    and skating goods shipment amountNo. 1 in Japan

  • 35.708billion yen

    Crystal oscillators (excluding use in watches) shipment amountNo. 1 in Japan

  • 12.072billion yen

    Pressure gauges shipment amountNo. 1 in Japan

2019 Industrial Statistics Survey (confirmed report)

A Leading Research and Development Hub in Japan

  • Nagano Prefecture has a highly-developed transport infrastructure allowing passage of people, goods, and information from all over Japan. There are numerous research and development facilities of listed companies.
  • Nagano Prefecture ranks 8th in Japan as a site for research institutes. (Total of Survey Results of Factory Location Trends from 2010 to 2019)
  • A variety of research goes on here a perfect business hub attracting the hopes of the world.
  1. Mushroom General Research Institute, HOKUTO Corporation
  3. JRC Advanced Technology Center, Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
  4. Central Research Institute, Marukome Co., Ltd.
  5. Product Development Research Institute, MK SEIKO Co., Ltd.
  6. Research & Development Center, Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.
  7. Technology Research Institute, NISSEI ASB MACHINE Co., Ltd.
  8. Nagano Development Center, Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  9. HIOKI Innovation Center, HIOKI E.E. Corporation
  10. Technology Center, SANYO DENKI Co., Ltd.
  11. Technical Solutions Center, NAGANO KEIKI Co., Ltd.
  12. Central Research Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Safety Research Laboratories, KISSEI PHARMACEUTICAL Co., Ltd.
  13. Corporate Technology Strategy Center Matsumoto, AIR WATER Inc.
  14. Development Supervision Dept., Electronic Device Division Headquarters, FUJI ELECTRIC Co., Ltd.
  15. Epson Innovation Center, Seiko Epson Corporation
  16. Chikuma Technical Center, SOSHIN ELECTRIC Co., Ltd.
  17. Nagano Technical Laboratory, NIDEC SANKYO Corporation
  18. Suwa Technology Center, Nichia Corporation
  19. Product Development Center, YOMEISHU SEIZO Co., Ltd.
  20. Ina Laboratory, Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd.
  21. Ina Research Inc.
  22. R&D Center, Ina Food Industry Co., Ltd.
  23. Nagano Technology Development Center, Nidec Corporation
  24. Spacetronics Laboratory, TAMAGAWA SEIKI Co., Ltd.
  25. Sensortronics Laboratory, TAMAGAWA SEIKI Co., Ltd.
  26. Food Research Laboratory, ASAHIMATSU FOODS Co., Ltd.
    Technology Center, Natsume Optical Corporation

*Business with yellow numbers are listed on the First Section and Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the JASDAQ.