Welcome to Nagano

06Enhanced business incentive support system

  • Provides support from relocation to Nagano Prefecture onward.
  • Offers a system of multifaceted assistance to businesses—from technical development to expanding sales routes and procuring capital.

Team Nagano will do our best to follow your business’s relocation to Nagano Prefecture to allow for a smooth transition and development of your business here.

Nagano Prefecture

Support for relocation

We have full support systems in place to match a variety of needs—from businesses with factories, to offices, to ICT businesses.

Main grants
For factories
Nagano Prefecture Industry Investment Support Grant
For office relocation
Headquarters Relocation Promotion Grant
Relocation of ICT businesses
ICT Industry Relocation Grant
Main tax benefits
  • Local site strengthening tax system
  • Support systems through the Act for Promotion of Future Regional Investment
Technological development assistance
  • The Nagano Prefecture General Industrial Technology Center has approximately 100 technical staff members in four different technology departments —Materials; Precision, Electronics and Aviation; Environment and Information; and Food— to offer assistance with cutting-edge equipment and accumulated high-level technical skill.
  • In April 2019, they opened the AI Utility/IoT Device Commercialization and Development Center in the Environment and Information Technology Department, and the Happy Nagano Development Center Functional Food Technology Development Wing in the Food Technology Department.
  • In April of 2021, they will open the new 3D Digital Production Technology Application Research Site in the Material Technology Department.
Support for obtaining talent
  • The Nagano Prefecture Professional Talent Strategy Center uncovers the talent demanded by companies in Nagano, connecting employers with personnel who have specialized skills and knowledge they require.
  • The Center also encourages the return of professional talent from large cities to regional areas.
  • 7th in Japan for matching professionals with businesses.

Nagano Prefecture Small and Medium Business Promotion Center

  • 50 specialists offer comprehensive assistance for a variety of business initiatives, such as strengthening marketing power, business innovation and shoring up business infrastructure.
  • Offers a multi-service system that offers solutions for management challenges—everything from founding a company, to support in revitalizing a business,to managing business succession.

Nagano Prefecture Small and Medium Business Promotion Center

Nagano Prefecture General Industrial Technology Center 3F, 1-18-1 Wakasato, Nagano City, Nagano 380-0928, Japan
Tel: +81-26-227-5028

Click here for the official website (Japanese).

Nagano Techno Foundation

  • 20 specialists coordinate joint research and development between businesses and universities or research institutes.
  • Offers support in five areas: interactions between industry, academia, and government; creation of new industries; promotion of joint research etc.; international expansion; and personnel training.
  • They particularly offer support in research and development, and commercialization of new technologies and products through partnerships among industry, academia, and government.
Innovation Promotion Department
Nagano Medical Device Commercialization and Development Center Aviation Industry Support Office
Nagano IT Valley Promotion Office Environment and Energy Industry Support Office
District Centers
Zenkoji Valley District Center Asama Technopolis District Center
Alps Highland District Center Suwa Techno Lakeside District Center
Ina Techno Valley District Center  

Nagano Techno Foundation

Nagano Prefecture General Industrial Technology Center 3F 1-18-1 Wakasato, Nagano City, Nagano 380-0928, Japan
Tel: +81-26-226-8101

Click here for the official website.