Support System

There are various incentives in place, including grants, tax benefits, and financing, to support businesses relocating to Nagano Prefecture.

Headquarters Relocation Promotion Grant

Businesses that set up offices that function as headquarters in Nagano Prefecture are eligible to have a portion of their costs subsidized.


Functional headquarters or satellite offices functioning as headquarters

  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Training centers
  • Satellite offices

*An office constitutes a place of work used for any of the following departmental functions: Survey/Planning, Information processing (department specializing in system development for internal company operations), Research and Development, other managerial or operational functions (General Affairs, Accounting, Human Resources, Administration, etc.).

Main Requirements
  • Relocation of headquarters functionality from outside Nagano Prefecture to inside the prefecture
  • A certain level of employment
  • Municipal jurisdiction with a benefits system (such as tax statute to subsidize property taxes upon relocation)
Benefit Details
Maximum grant amount Costs of acquiring buildings, equipment, etc. Rent Employment expenses
300 million yen 12% maximum 50% 800 thousand yen/person (limited to one year)
Application deadline

Applications must be submitted 14 days prior to the day a business begins to expand its headquarters functionality or relocate to Nagano Prefecture (such as the starting date of construction or a lease agreement).

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ICT Industry Relocation Grant

When businesses establish a new ICT industry office in Nagano Prefecture, they are entitled to have a portion of their costs subsidized.
Nagano provides one of the highest subsidy rates in Japan to value-added businesses entering the prefecture.
*To bring Nagano Prefecture into a Society5.0 era, the prefecture has formulated the Nagano IT Valley Concept with the aim to concentrate IT industries in Nagano.


Information services, Internet-based services
Businesses that have 3 or more years of business experience since their founding
Businesses that employ 5 or more people on a full-time basis

Grant Requisites

No employment requisites
No investment amount requisites
Setting up of an office in Nagano Prefecture
Registering with the Nagano Prefectural SDGs Promotion Business Registry

Grant Eligibility Grant rate/amount Maximum grant amount
Added-value model* Regular
Costs of acquiring buildings, equipment, machinery, etc. 40% 10% 300 million yen
Rent for buildings, equipment, machinery, etc. 60%(5-year amount) 50%(3-year amount)
Employment (full-time employees) 1.1 million yen/person 300 thousand yen/person

*Businesses recognized to offer added value particularly

Application deadline

Applications for business approval must be submitted 30 days prior to starting construction or concluding a lease agreement.

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Nagano Prefecture Industry Investment Support Grant

When businesses expand or set up new manufacturing plants or laboratories in Nagano Prefecture, they are eligible for a portion of their subsidized expenses.
The rate of the grant increases if they receive certification for certain climate change-mitigation actions.
*Nagano is the first prefecture in Japan to have issued a "Climate Emergency Declaration," along with a declaration to "Go Zero Carbon by 2050."

Manufacturing industries, natural science laboratories, warehousing businesses
Primary Grant Requisites
  • Investment of a certain amount or more
  • Employment of a certain amount of people or more
  • Acquisition of certification related to SDGs or climate change-mitigation action
  •  ISO14001 certification or Eco-Action 21

*In principle, the grant requisites must be fulfilled within 3 years of applying for business approval.

  • Maximum grant amount
    1 billion yen
  • Costs of acquiring buildings, equipment, etc.
    21% maximum
Application deadline

By 30 days prior to the start of construction, etc.

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Act for Promotion of Future Regional Investment

The Act for Promotion of Future Regional Investment establishes a system that focuses on the economic ripple effects produced by businesses that make use of unique features of regions and assists the efforts of regions to maximize these effects. This support includes corporate tax and regional tax exemptions.

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Employment (Nagano Prefecture Professional Talent Strategy Center)

The Nagano Prefecture Professional Talent Strategy Center uncovers the talent demanded by companies in Nagano, connecting employers with personnel who have the specialized skills and knowledge they require. The Center also encourages the return of professional talent from large cities to regional areas.


There are additional support systems as well. Inquire below for more information.